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When to Use Localized Cryotherapy?

Much like Whole Body Cryotherapy, localized cryotherapy has become increasingly popular not only amongst athletes and Hollywood stars. People suffering from conditions like arthritis benefit greatly from this technique. When is it best to use localized cryotherapy as opposed to WBC or another healing method?

Why is Cryotherapy so Popular?

Every time star athletes or celebrities promote something, many people feel that it is only a craze that won’t last. This couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to cryotherapy.

The benefits of cryotherapy are threefold:

  • Well being: it helps reduce stress, improve sleep, facilitate jet lag recovery. It also provides relaxation and increases energy levels.
  • Health: it is used in physical medicine to help recover faster after an intense training session; it also improves athletic performances, treats muscular and inflammatory pathologies and is known for being efficient in post surgery recovery.
  • Beauty: anti-aging, weight loss support and cellulite reduction, skin care by increasing collagen production.

When to Use Localized Cryotherapy?

Whole Body Cryotherapy acts on your body as a whole therefore providing an overall beneficial healing effect. If you need to target a specific area, then localized cryotherapy is right for you. The handheld device allows the pressurized stream of liquid nitrogen to be directed towards the part of the body that needs it.

Any part of the body can be treated:

Medical: for sufferers of chronic pain essentially, localized cryotherapy will allow them to treat the single zone that it causing them pain. It is also recommended after an injury or surgery to reduce inflammation, bruising and speeds the natural healing process.

Beauty: when localized cryotherapy is used as a beauty treatment, the option to specifically target one single zone produces a better result. It is reported to help treat skin disorders and trigger the natural production of collagen (hence diminishing wrinkles and increasing skin elasticity).

Cryotherapy stimulates the body’s natural healing response especially against inflammation, swelling and pain. But it also improves blood flow which helps get rid of toxins, therefore boosting your immune system. Many women like it for its efficiency in skin rejuvenation (Cryofacials™) and they choose localized cryotherapy so they can work on a specific part of the body, neck and face for better results. When you can target a specific area, you can achieve faster results.

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