It's All About The Norepenephrine!


One of the most profound and consistent physiological responses to cryotherapy is the huge release of norepenephrine. It essentially plays a role in just about every benefit you will get from cryotherapy including inflammation, pain, metabolism, energy, focus, attention, mood, and sleep pattern. It plays such a key part we wanted to give it the acknowledgement it deserves and based our logo around it’s molecular structure. Norepenephrine is both a hormone and a neurotransmitter that has a huge affect in decreasing inflammation, which in turn causes pain.

Inflammation has also been proven to be a key function in the aging process and is associated with most age related diseases. Norepenephrine as a neurotransmitter is involved in vigilance, focus, attention, and mood. A decrease in norepenephrine is associated with low energy, inattention, decreased focus and cognitive abilities, and poor mood generally. Sound familiar? Your brain may be your most important organ and norepenephrine has a part in keeping it healthy through neurogenesis which is the production of new neurons in the brain.

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